Chicken Satay

Vegi Rolls
Fried vegetarian spring rolls, served with mild spicy plum sauce on the side.
Fried Tofu
Deep ied tofu served with peanut sauce on the side.
Fried Wontons
Deep ied wontons stued with minced chicken served with sweet & sour sauce.
Tofu Sa-Tay
Grilled marinated tofu on skewers served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad on the side
Chicken Sa-Tay
Grilled chicken on skewers, marinated in oriental herbs served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad
Shrimp Rolls (Goong Hom Pha)
Prawns marinated in spices and esh herbs wrapped in crispy rice our sheets served with plum sauce.
Fish Cakes
Fried sh cakes mixed with green bean and ai spices served with cucumber salad and ground peanut in mild spicy plum sauce on the side.
Crispy Golden Calamari
Baer-dipped deep-ied garlic pepper calamar
Crispy Pumpkin
Baer-dipped deep-ied pupmkin served with swee& sour sauce.
Fresh Rolls
Rice-paper crepes lled with cucumber, bean sprouts, tofu, egg and mushrooms topped with tamarind sauce and real crab meat.
Spicy Crispy Chicken Wings
Crispy chicken wings marinated with spicy Samila sauce, topped with crispy ai basil.
Fresh Corn Friers
Served with cucumber salad
Fried Sweet Potatoes
Butter-dipped deep-fried sweet potatoes served with honey on the side
Thai Toast
Chicken minted with galic and spread on fresh bread dipped in egg butter and coated in bread crumbs, then deep-fried and cut bite sized served with cucumber salad

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